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Maya Angelou


Thank you note from Dr. Maya Angelou that she sent upon receiving her Power Within Scarf Necklace.



Thank you for your gift of a beautiful House of Shakti necklace.  I accept your gift with an open heart and sends best wishes for your continued success, peace, happiness, and good health, along with this blessing:

            "Every day just doing what we lovingly do brings us all closer together."

Louise Hay

Hay House

Los Angeles is bone dry, no humidity, and cracks your skin in the worst way. House of Shakti to the rescue  This Body Butter is incredible. I am slick, sleek, sumptuous, and supple. If you need this . . . YOU NEED THIS!

Cynthia Occelli, Author "Resurrecting Venus"


You have been one of my biggest supporters! My sister said she wore the scarf to class and got a bunch of compliments! You have an excellent product!

Thanks again for all of your undying support and kind words! It has been encouraging beyond words!

Sarah Attar
First Saudi Female Olympic Athlete

This stuff (body butter) is THE BOMB!! I just got my jar and I am in heaven!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what else you have!!

Keri Seitz



You created a bracelet for my friend Jessica in December. She was battling stage 4 cancer that had matastasized into her spine. She was given 6-12 months to live. You may remember speaking with me about her. She loved the bracelet you designed and still wears it everyday. She called me the other day with the most shocking news....she is cancer-free! It's unbelievable! She went to the doctor for her usual monthly check, and when her scans and tests came back the doctors were speechless. The cancer just disappeared! Jessica never let the cancer beat her down, she always stayed positive, and I know that made a huge difference. I also feel the extra strength she received from your bracelet helped her win the battle as well.

Thank you for doing what you do. I know you have encountered some skeptics, people who think what you're doing is a hoax, but I hope triumphs like these keep you motivated.


Jegen McDermott

I just wanted to thank you so much for my ring!! And not only that, but the thoughtful little goodies that came with it--including the *gorgeous* little carved box that the ring came in, and the flower it sat in. Thank you so much!! I melted when I pulled out the ring and it sparkled in the light. I am just so in love with it. Such beauty, but the meaning behind this ring is really what got me, and pulled me in. I knew I was pulled to it for a reason! So thank you for everything--the ring, the goodies, but mostly the thought and feeling behind it all, because I could feel nothing but positive vibes. I love that you really live the philosophies that are the cornerstone of your store--too often do I see someone in it simply for the money. I just really needed you to know that I love what you do, and to keep doing it because you do it so well and with heart. And for that I say thank you.

Samantha Ryan

Thank you, Lubna! I got the package on Saturday! I'm wearing the Loving Communication one today!

I used to wear a little silver disk stamped with "m" (for Mateo, but also for "mother"), but I lost it and felt really out of sorts without it. I bought a new one, but it just wasn't the same -- probably because it was mass produced while the other one was hand-made by the craftsperson. In fact, it made me feel worse about losing the original pendant. (It bothered me so much that when I couldn't get it off because the chain had tangled, I just broke the chain!) The lovely turquoise pendant has me feeling peaceful about losing it. It reminds me to draw from my mother's strength and remember how much we talked and learned to be friends in her last years, as I learn about being a mom myself.
Jennifer DeGuzman
Fremont, CA

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you. My name is Tina and my daughter Arielle was in a horrible motorcycle accident and suffered a severe head injury. I purchased the Archangel Ariel pendant, which is beautiful. You also sent me two beautiful rose quartz bracelets to keep me and my daughter connected. What a beautiful gesture! It is very much appreciated. I would like to order more of these bracelets for family members so that we can all stay connected once Arielle goes to Boston on Monday (we are in Maine). I am sad that she will be so far away but happy she has been accepted into a premiere neurological center to help her rehabilitate. I will also post a picture of her so that you can put a face with the person you helped. Thank you again for your generousity and the bracelets. ~ Mom

Here's 10 year old Savannah in her Heart Healer Scarf Necklace along with the email she sent us.

Dear Lubna,

My heart chakra mala bracelet came today. So beautifully and lovingly packaged! And the mala is gorgeous--it looks just like its picture. I love the card with the image and info about the anahata chakra; it's such a nice touch. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I am thrilled!

Stephanie Cain

I received the two jewelry scarves I ordered, Personal Transformation and Divine Love. They are beautiful. I look forward to having the full collection one day. Love your art. Blessings

Mary Bossetta

Thank you thank you thank you for your beautiful Jewellry! It is just divine. Particularly the scarves. I can't believe it got here in a week! Blessing to you for your gifts. Love the cards and personal touches. Very special.

Fiona Warrall

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my order, and wanted  to thank you.
It was my first purchase with you, so what a wonderful surprise to find such beauty and craftsmanship in these shawls/wraps. 
They have such a perfect weight,  making the "transition" to wearing them in their different style's, both easy and comfortable.
I also like the slight "frill" around the perimetre. It adds just a little extra to the semi - sheer, woven look.
Amanda Donnet

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new scarf necklace. It's so stylish and comfortable.
Anne Fearnehough
Emeryville, CA

Citra Prima

Our Heart Healer Scarf Necklace worn by Citra Prima
Parasychologist, Author, TV Host
Jakarta, Indonesia

I just want to thank you for the speedy delivery and the beautiful jewelry you make. My mom I am sure will love it. You all will for sure be getting my business in the future. 
Jheri Maggard


Here's Liisa Lugus wearing her custom designed House of Shakti necklace.

I received your parcel last week, it arrived so quickly! Thank you for your kindness and for presenting my purchases so beautifully. I love it all and wear something from your range every day. I especially love the labrodorite earrings!
Trish Richards

Hello there! I wanted to send you a picture of the Inner Strength bracelet being worn by my friend, Mayra. I had mentioned to you that I was going to keep the smaller sized bracelet so that I may give it as a gift to someone who also needed it...really bad. Well, I gave it to my friend a week and a half ago, and I tried, as best possible, to relay the meaning behind the bracelet and the accompanying sentiment. It was a hit. :) 
She absolutely loved it! The comments on the beauty, its simplicity, elegance, and meaning were abundant. In fact, i've seen her several times since the gifting, and she will not take that bracelet off. :)
So, thank you for creating such meaningful symbols of love, strength, support, and positive energy.
Hope you're well...
P.s. I've also started mentioning your site and trying to encourage my friends and family to buy from small, independent businesses this year for the holiday season....I will be doing so. :)

Al Morales




I couldn't be happier with my mala.

Elizabeth Owen

Happy Holidays! I wanted to thank you for the beautiful note that I received with your amazing scarf necklace I received this Christmas from my son and his father. I love it and the meaning behind it. I was very touched. I wish you much success and thank you again. I am blessed.

Deborah Boggini

I just want to compliment you on your great service. You have been very nice to work with and you can be sure I will shop here again and again. Also, your prices are very reasonable.

Diane Vestin

Your creations are beautiful.

Natalie Peterson Cedeno


O. My. Heavens. It is absolutely GORGEOUS.
I wore it today & turned heads. Directed them all to your site 
Ayesha Mattu
San Francisco, CA

Your work is impeccable...!!!...Anyone who owns one of your pieces understands what House of Shakti represents!!!...timeless, gorgeous and highest standards of quality and craftsmanship!!!

Sandra Fronhofer


Dear Ms. Lubna, 
I have received the package this afternoon. Thank you for the beautiful note for the b'day girl. Love the special attention you put into the gift. 
The packaging is beautiful and thanks for the discount card as well.
I followed House of Shakti on FB and have bought jewelry with intention from other company, but I have to say, I have not felt the special attention, care and love you put into the product, service and customer.
Thanks so much! Many blessings and much success to you and HOS.
Monica Octivanius

I picked up my scarf yesterday!  What a joy it is, thank you.  The presentation, cards, and packaging are all extremely well thought out.

Heather Parker

Any jewelry that advocates chakra healing is worth promoting! There's something very beauitful, pure and healing about earth stones, and I love the fact that you can translate that into all of your jewelry. Beautiful!

Ola Kuzian

Your jewellery is beautiful and such loving energy (and the same comment applies to you personally). you have a very special gift - im so glad you have the opportunity to share it xxxx

Kirsty Peters

I love what your jewelry represents and everyone should have some divine help to cope with the pressures of living in this wordl at the present time. We all need a little guidance now and then...

Ann Hill

truly gorgeous. you have a great eye and talent!

Cheryl Planert

Your jewellery is amazing! Beautiful jewellery made by a beautiful soul ♥

Conscious Living

You and your creation inspires me. Thank you.

As Iam

I want to thank you for such an hassle free return process. I will be visiting your site many more times. Thank you for great customer service. Besides, I got my eye on an one of those beautiful scarf.

Soo Dewolf

LOVE the piece and love the affirmation!!

Kelly Harmel Barker

Love! My personal arm party may need to continue… these bracelets really are addictive!

Caryn Segal Glick

Your customer service rocks!

Bernadette Anderson Martin

 I love my Divine Love Scarf Necklace!!!

Diana Marie Bianchini

"This piece I will treasure forever..Thank you!" ~


Jakarta Indonesia


I am so grateful to have found House of Shakti and to have recently received the Spiritual Love Mala. It was at my door step in only three days! The packaging is beautiful and comes complete with a description of the stones, how to care for them together with the relating chakra cards explaining how their energy will help you remove blockages and promote balance. The mala is a stunning piece of artwork. Not only there is a higher purpose for my mala it also looks amazing on and accessorized my night time outfit perfectly. On every occasion that I have worn it I have received compliments and I look forward to treating myself to many more House of Shakti pieces. Thank you Lubnal for your beautiful art!

Diana Armitage

EverGlee Wellness


I purchased a heart chakra mala from House of Shakti to wear and use whilst teaching, but I can't help wearing it outside the yoga studio as it is such an exquisite thing

Melissa Laing

You are an inspiration for all Middle Eastern women.

Mina Hassan

Minu Jewels

looovely jewelry thank you Lubna!

Charette Farah

 I recently purchased one of your bracelets. It came backed with love. Thanks for all you do :)

Aiko Takemura

 it's truly a triumph to have clients like these as that's what makes the company not only be but to grow! thank you for sharing this testimonial! :) YOU ROCK! so keep rockin' :o)xx

Maggie May

Your pieces are totally powerful, I will also attest to that! ~Bliss on

Erika Chell

Lubna...Love my 2 bracelets (Love and Courage), I'll be buying another one soon! Peace & Blessings!

Desiree Taylor

I just received my amethyst drop earrings today and they are absolutely gorgeous! They were beautifully boxed with love and attention to detail! I have appreciated the e-mail contact so that I knew when to expect delivery. Thank you so very much! I will be ordering again soon.

Roxanne L. Gregory

Amazing jewelry and such an inspiring story! Reading your story really touched me and i wish there was more of this in the world then what we see on the news and in papers.

Manuella Rodrigues Izaacs

I purchesed 3 of the amazing bracelets from House of Shakti and they are so beautiful! After the initial cleansing upon receiving them I have not taken them off. I will definately be ordering more products!

Kim Steingraeber Ranum

Love love your creations! great work. I am a royal purple fan.

Sue Lundquist

I just picked up our lovely turquoise necklaces, and think they are gorgeous.  I especially love that my daughter and I can both wear them...while being so far apart (me in Ontario, her in British Columbia).

Kersti Abawi

Ontario, Canada

Thank you for your email and the kind message enclosed with my order.  I received my package on Friday afternoon and have been wearing the Abundant Healing bracelet ever since.  I love it and absolutely love the scarf necklace.  I wore it to work today and every single person has commented on it.  Of course, my female colleagues asked me where I got it and I told them it was from House of Shakti, proudly explaining that the collection was created by a Palestinian-American woman and explaining the meaning of my necklace and bracelet.  Even my husband, who is far more understated and immovable than myself and barely notices anything, asked me about the bracelet and necklace and was so interested in the positive properties (the scientist/engineer in him) of the stones and crystals and their meaning.  Honestly, as soon as I put the bracelet on and then the scarf necklace this morning, I have felt so much more conscious of the tremendous possibilities of seeking out and maintaining positive energy, balance and outlook in daily life in the midst of all the chaos, frustrations and disappointments around.  So, I thank you again for your good wishes and for your lovely jewelry creations.


Feda Abdelhady Nasser
First Counsellor
Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations

Thank you again!  my husband LOVES the bracelet! it's perfect!  all the best and much joy in your life and business!

Vanessa O’Neill

Long Beach, CA

Dearest Lubna...

WOW!  After a whirlwind day at the office, imagine my delight to discover the gorgeous scarf that was waiting for me to come home.  I immediately admired it, smiled, and placed it in my luggage for the journey to France I take this Friday for a couple of weeks.  A perfect addition to my French wardrobe.  Ooh la la.

Thank you for creating such a meaningful, beautiful accessory (it's so much more than that but the long day brain has set in).  I also appreciate the quick ship, the lovely packaging, the lovely note, the discount card...your positive energy/light was present.

Namaste, hugs + sparkles, 

Denise Marie Nieman

My Fire Element Necklace is gorgeous!!! I love it!!!

Becky Stuto


Travis Wright, CEO of AdvAngel Interactive Ad Agency, is wearing the Confidence & Stamina Bracelet for Men. 

I love your energy and spirituality

Gladys Thomas Toscano

Here's Marta Isabella and her boyfriend with his and hers Valentine's gifts from House of Shakti. She's wearing her Aphrodite: Love Bracelet and he's wearing Raphael: Health Bracelet. 

I just received my Immaculate Insight Scarf Necklace and it is so incredibly beautiful!! I cannot wait to wear it to work next week! I am obsessed with it already!! Thank you House of Shakti Jewelry!!

Danielle Weitzler

Just received my Ajna Intuition necklace and it looks/feels wonderful! Thank you

Alexandra Martinez

There is something divine about your jewellery it keeps one, coming back to this page again . Well done.

Aditi Jain

Dear Lubna,

I have received the bloodstone earrings today - thank you very much! They are beautiful! made with so much care and attention...i will enjoy wearing them. Gratitude.

Ronel Devunage

Received my bracelet and love it. Very impressed with the presentation too . Thank you so much

Nancy Rose Ortenberg

I wore my custom made mala for the first time today! Thank you, much love and good luck on all your endeavors!!!

Sandra Fronhofer

Thanks for the new necklace, Lubna. the stones are so rich and deep, it's hard to get enough looking at them. it feels really good to be wearing this piece

Liisa Priyanka Lugus

I am loving my lapis. It was great doing business with you and I shall be looking out for new designs and suggest my friends to order from house of shakti...I strongly see the honesty and love in your work- Keep it up! best wishes from Dubai.

Nadia Siddiqui

I purchased a bracelet that was custom made for my needs...I needed good vibes to go around the person who was going to be using it....Its hard to explain how this works but as we saw it does....These stones are good quality!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOUSE OF SHAKTI

Dayanne Santiesteban

I recently purchased 2 bracelets from House of Shakti Jewelry for my girlfriends’ birthday and they loved it. 
The stones are nice, and the stretchy string is a nice touch. 
There are one too many varieties that you could choose from, allowing you to go with not just the color of your choice but with something that would define your personality. House of Shakti pieces have an amazing power vested in them, a power to grab the attention of one and all.

It's the small things in life, really.

Florence Druguet

House of Shakti is a combination of quality and style! I bought the Michael Bracelet and the Compassion and Truth Necklace from House of Shakti and I absolutely love them. I always wear them with intention and I have to say, I was amazed at the results with my Compassion and Truth Necklace. Two days after I wore it for the first time, I was able to speak my truth (thoat chackra) with a loved one I had had issues with in the past. The extra kick is the customized cards that come along your purchase describing what chakra it helps working on and the features/names of each stones and their effect as well as an affirmation. Whether you are buying this sacred jewelry for yourself or as a gift, you will marvel at the "magic" it brings to your life. I definitely recommend it and will be a loyal and faithful customer in the upcoming years

Nelly Corrine Preca

I love your jewelry! It's beautiful, it's bold and I can feel the loving intentions you put into each piece. I wear my Angelite earrings when I'm doing Intuitive Healing sessions. You knew exactly which gemstones were best for me. Thank you!

Rometris Davis-Wright

I have to say that there's something truly magical and mysterious about the House of Shakti jewelry. Wear it and it's like a total magnet for good luck. I gifted a female friend a necklace and with my own eyes I have seen this woman change her life overnight. From a desk job in Burbank she has gone on a white Bengal tiger safari in India, watched hippos swim by in the Okavango river, sat at a front row at a fashion show in Paris, made angels in the snow in Telluride, stomped grapes in Napa with her bare feet, and is now dating a billionaire right out of a Harlequin love novel...I can't wait until they start making jewelry for men...

Carlos Alberto

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for my "thank you" note- a bit of a lost art for a hand written thank you note and I feel it warrants me recognizing you are doing this in your company.  Very classy and I will definately be continuting to shop and support your beautiful products.

 I live between the USA and London, and will spread the good word about you.

Thanks again, it's been a long time since I was impressed with a retail experience.



Kristin Freedley

Apple International


I'm gonna go with rose quartz as I'm working on my heart to open and to forgive myself, letting go the past.

I must say I was stoked when I saw Kundalini mantras on your website along with Sunskrit. And I'm glad that I saw your little square ads on my nutritionist FB page! Thank you for your kind and beautiful work. I love to see how you treat these with respect as I wasn't satisfied with other companies carries/does similar buisiness like yours. I really like how your website is very informative about your items and ideas for meditation. 

Naoko Endo

Here's Maysoon Salah and her daughter Anais in solidarity with Trayvon Martin and Shaima Alawadi. She is wearing our Loving Truth Scarf Necklace

Maysoon Salah is wearing the Immaculate Insight Scarf Necklace in a way we've never tried before. We love it and think she looks great!

Here's Diana Marie Bianchini of Di Moda PR wearing our Divine Love Scarf Necklace. In addition to being the founder of a successful PR firm with an impressive roster of clientele, Diana is also heavily involved with many great philanthropic projects such as Architecture for Humanity and Project Angel Food.


Here's Feda Almaliti, founder of ASD Advocates, wearing her Purity of Purpose Scarf Necklace. As an advocate for children with Autism including her own child, Feda's purpose is noble as she is changing the way HMOs and our government views autism healthcare.

I want to thank you for such an hassle free return process. I will be visiting your site many more times. Thank you for great customer service. Besides, I got my eye on an one of those beautiful scarf.


Just received the beautiful Ajna intuition necklace you made me.... It is breathtaking and the first thing I realized was how warm the beads felt in my hand. Every other time I have felt a beaded necklace they have felt cold.
Alexandra Martinez

Congratulations on all your successes, your jewelry is lovely and you're doing an amazing job sharing it with the world. I haven't thanked you properly for my beautiful pieces but I want you to know how much I love them, that I wear them every single day, and boy do they ever get HOT when you cleanse them in the sun. Namaste.
Jasmine Lagesoe

Photos sent in from some of our Indonesian clientele showing how they style their Scarf Necklaces

I picked up my scarf yesterday!  What a joy it is, thank you.  The presentation, cards, and packaging are all extremely well thought out.  Thanks for the coupon as well.

Heather Parker


I got my beautiful bracelets today....They are absolutely stunning! Thank you for your beautiful work!

Kelly Newman Burnham



I received my bracelet today and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It is so classy, crafted of high quality and love. I am so pleased with how quickly it arrived. Your personal note made me smile. I have much gratitude for you and so thankful that these beautiful stones finally made their way home to me.

Kristen Pezillo

Thanks for the beautiful Heart Healer scarf! I think I might sleep in it! It got lots of love today and so did I ♥

Daphney Washington

Hi Lubna, yes i did receive my beautiful order exactly on the date you thought it would arrive in Canada, thankyou for your beautiful hand written note, i will post it on my visionboard, along with all the chakra cards you enclosed. I am wearing all the pieces right now, i am just loving looking at all of them, they have very important meanings for me personally, i intend to wear them all the time, especially when i am in my creative artist mode, because my hands are my tools, i love that the bracelets are right there to aid me in my expression and creativity! And...the In The Flow Scarf Necklace is so much more gorgeous than i saw on my computer screen....the generous amount of fabric is so soft and feels really comforting against my skin, the colour reminds me of sea foam, but slightly brighter, and the stones colours all complement eachother with their soft watery hues . Thankyou Lubna for sharing a part of your heart in your jewellery, i feel the energy and it lifts my spirit higher...Sandra xo Peace & Hugs from me to you and all your staff !! (PS thank you Lubna, for all your help in answering my questions here on Facebook 
& suggesting the most appropriate pieces for my intentions, i could not be more happy ;-))))

My sister-in-law Kathy and I received our bracelets today. They are lovely! And so well made. The stones are obviously of good quality so we may wear them for years to come. 

Thank you and keep spreading the light.  

Samina Arif

Lubna...I got my mala yesterday....I LOVE IT...It felt so cold when I first put it on...like being woken up...now I am wearing it tucked under my shirt..it feels so warm and fuzzy...

Thank you so much for taking the time to make one for me on special order..It is definitely a beautiful treasure.

Take Care..Best Wishes, always....luv 'ND light

Cheryl Bjorgfjord

Dear lubna and friends,

Thank you so very much for the stunning crystal scarves you make. Mine arrived today! I couldn't believe it was so fast! Only 5 days since you sent them all the way to our beautiful Australia. 

I absolutely love them and am so blessed to have received them. Thank you


Fiona Worrall

I think you are so creative and a beautiful soul. As a Reiki practitioner I love the energy behind all of your creations. I look forward to seeing more of them and for now I will enjoy your illuminating line of scarves.    

Love and Light,   

Valerie Nelson

Ms Salah!  It is HERE!  And I Adore it!!  You work is truly art and the enclosures add such wonderful personal touches!  (down to the gold wrapping paper and Love and Light stamped on the envelope). Thank you and I will be shopping again soon!

Angela Fontenot