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Green & Purple Fluorite

Chakras: For Green: Heart (4th), For Purple: Throat (5th), Crown (7th)

Sun signs:   Pisces, Capricorn


Angel:            For Green: Chamuel

Goddess:       For Purple: Isis, For Green: Diana

        Affirmation:I am clear in mind, body, and soul and am ready to make decisions in accordance with my life purpose.


Fluorite increases mental clarity and give one improved decision making skills. It can clear up fogginess in our energy fields caused by negativity and cluttered thoughts. Essentially, Fluorite is all about bringing structure and focus to ones thoughts and energies. Not surprisingly the green version of Fluorite is associated with Archangel Chamuel who helps us cut through the clutter and see things clearly. The more purple versions of Fluorite are associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis who embodies intuition and perception. Fluorite can help strengthen the bones and teeth. It is also helpful in enhancing memory and learning skills while balancing brain chemistry.