The Healing Properties of Blue Lace Agate

Here are the healing and metaphysical properties of Blue Lace Agate. Read below to find out more about the symbolism and meaning of Blue Lace Agate.

blue lace agate The Healing Properties of Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate has a cooling and calming energy that promotes peace of mind and creativity by allowing free expression of thoughts and feelings, and aids in confidence and loyalty. It can help you find your “voice” or just the right words and as such is great for those in creative professions such as acting, writing, singing, etc.

Spiritually, Blue lace Agate assists in flight, grace, reaching higher spiritual planes, communicating with angels and activates the throat chakra. It can help bring stronger intuition and inner knowing through this contact with higher Spiritual planes and angels. Inspiration is another hallmark of this stone and that can assist in inner attunement, and has been said to be useful for performing miracles.

Blue Lace Agate is very good for any ailments of the throat and balancing the thyroid. This stone is a Water Element stone that corresponds to the 5th (Throat) Chakra and Aquarius, and Pisces sun sign.

 The Healing Properties of Blue Lace Agate

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