Sugilite Jewelry: Healing with Crystals & Gemstones

Here are the healing and metaphysical properties of Sugilite. Read below to find out more about the symbolism and meaning of Sugilite.

healing properties of sugilite

Sugilite is a very powerful and protective love stone. It is the stone of Archangel Michael, whose name means “He who is like God”. Michael is the protector, escorting away lower energies in your space. Wearing Sugilite connects us with Michael and creates a “shield of light” around the wearer protecting one from disharmonious or parasitic energies. For this reason, it is a beneficial stone for those that tend to be more sensitive to the energies around them. Sugilite stimulates and opens the crown chakra and, as such, is very good for use during meditation. It allows one to tap into the realm of dreams, giving one new insight, symbols, and imagery to assist along their life path. Sugilite is there to help us access the light in enlightenment and offers hope and optimism for a better future. Physically, it assists those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and worries by helping alleviate unresolved sorrow, grief, and fear. It is a good stone for those with learning difficulties as it can help reorganize the brain patterns, assisting those dyslexia and autism.

This stone is an Air element stone that corresponds to the  6th (Third Eye) and 7th (Crown) Chakra and Aquarius, and Virgo sun signs.

michael protection bracelet

Archangel Michael: Protection Bracelet


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  • Thank you for this information, and inspiration, were do you teach kundalini yoga?

    • Hi Michele,

      I don’t actually teach Kundalini although I am certified. I am currently practicing hot yoga at Moksha Yoga in LA.

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