Chrysocolla Jewelry: Healing with Crystals & Gemstones

Here are the healing and metaphysical properties of Chrysocolla. Read below to find out more about the symbolism and meaning of Chrysocolla.

Healing Properties of Chrysocolla

Known as the stone of the Goddess, Chrysocolla has an empowering energy that instills a an almost ancient wisdom. Stimulating the Throat chakra, Chrysocolla allows this wisdom to find its way into ones communication. It inspires unconditional love, both for oneself and others, facilitating loving relationships. Releasing stress and anxiety and the imbalances they create in the body, Chrysocolla is excellent in regulating and inconsistencies in the adrenals and thyroid. It is also helpful for any general ailments of the throat. Considered to be a very good stone for those whose living relies on some level of verbal expression or teaching. Chrysocolla reminds one to be conscious of the energy one puts out into the world in accordance with the spiritual law of karma: we must give that which we seek.

This stone is a Water element stone that corresponds to the 1st (Root), 4th (Heart) and 5th( Throat) Chakra and Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus sun sign. Tranquil Expression Scarf Necklace

Tranquil Expression Scarf Necklace

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